The Promise...

...of education technology is knocking on our door. We made curious.IO to answer the call. As the core driver of scientific, social and societal progress, the value of education is immeasurable. It is time for technology to realize the amazing opportunities it holds for this field. We decided to lend a hand.

Technology in education has what it takes to battle inequality and bridge age old divides. It can expand education’s reach to the farthest places and into the toughest minds. Together, education and technology hold the cypher to the most complicated challenges and the key to the most incredible potential humanity will be facing in the 21st century. We want to help decode and unlock what lies ahead.

It is our passion and our duty to make curious.IO an agent of good, to make education technology available to everyone, to make anyone’s natural curiousity shine, to make a difference.

Building Tomorrow

curious.IO is a learning platform for schools and teachers to create and curate online courses and manage classrooms. Our system breaks new ground with breakthroughs in student assessment, course analytics and user experience, providing a complete package of features to meet the needs of teachers and learners.


At the heart of curious.IO is a brain - our clever “Cheshire” AI. It empowers and inspires teachers to craft better learning materials and compose better courses, while boosting students’ knowledge and skill acquisition to achieve mastery over a curriculum and beyond.

It does that by having deep understanding of pedagogy models, closely examining students engagement and extensively linking semantic networks.


curious.IO is packed full of useful functions that allow teachers to focus on teaching and learners on learning. Seamlessly and efficiently. Simple as that. Because it’s not just about what a tool does - it’s also about how it is used.

From accessing a variety of stats, insights and suggestions to extensive support of content and interaction types, from customization to collaboration - we want users to have all the tools they require without complicating their flow.

curious.IO is simple and easy to use, guiding students through every step of the way while still allowing them to explore unhindered by classic classroom limitations. All they need to do is log in from whichever device they choose and curious.IO takes care of everything else. Check out our demo courses to get a better sense of how it all ties together.

Overcoming Challenges

Along the way, we’ve overcome some interesting challenges and built innovative solutions to problems that affect how students learn. Here are some of the challenges that we’re working on right now along with links on our thoughts on them so far. Head over to our blog to learn more about how we tackle these important challenges.

An Exam for Everybody

We're always looking for more transparent and fair ways to assess student performance. With this is mind, we're looking for solutions to design examinations to accurately reflects the academic prowess of students

Open Curriculum

Learning methodologies, course material, and even textbooks evolve. So it should curriculums. We're identifying trends in how curriculums evolve so the students of today are one step ahead in being leaders of tomorrow

Education for All

We're a group of students, inventors, and tinkerers. We imagine a future where everybody has access to education and learning material. We're keen on solving the problem of accessibility in regions with no electricity, computers, or internet access.

We're passionately curious

Saar Shai

Cofounder, CMO

Arsalan Bashir

Cofounder, CEO

Kyle Sotiris

Cofounder, COO

We are determined to make education better. We believe curiosity should drive students to explore, to learn, to become better. We want to empower teachers by giving them the right tools to meet their students’ needs.

We hope to realize this vision with you.

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