A learning system that learns

As students use curious.IO, we model their learning patterns to tailor their future courses to improve their academic performance and retention rates.

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Introducing Cheshire

We designed curious.IO to be curious. It is driven by the “Cheshire” AI which is always gathering and analyzing information about the different aspects of learning. Whatever it finds it doesn’t keep to itself - it shares it with you, the teachers and the students, and with us, the developers. It’s a smart piece of technology that makes us all smarter.

Semantic Network

Optimization Tools

Bespoke Curriculum

Knowledge, Connected

Our AI constantly generates new connections between topics, subjects, and academic disciplines. With the patterns that emerge, curious.IO is able to identify ideal learning chronologies and optimal curriculum structures, so we can aid teachers in composing their courses.

On-demand Analytics

Automated Evaluation

Seamless Student Tracking

Renaissance in Assessment

We believe in just-in-time teaching (JiTT) and wanted to develop solutions that take it to the max. We feel that tests and exams shouldn’t disturb or distract from the learning process but rather serve both students and teachers in monitoring progress and enhancing academic prowess, as part of a more holistic feedback scheme. We have made curious.IO to incorporate assessment methods that combine the latest technological tools with modern pedagogical models.

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