Frequently Asked Questions

In the course of building curious.IO, signing up hundreds of schools, and speaking to many more teachers, we've encountered a lot of questions. We appreciate the questions, and love speaking to you. We've highlighted and answered some of the most common questions to save you time and get you started as soon as possible!

How is curious.IO different from other learning management systems?

Traditional learning management systems host content in a fixed (and frankly, outdated) form. We are talking about text, video, images, multiple-choice exams, etc., closed and arranged linearly. Think slightly fancier versions of textbooks. curious.IO is taking online courses to the next level.

“Cheshire”, our clever AI, sifts through automatic grading, performance predictions, haptic feedback and semantic networks, and transforms each course into an interactive and dynamic learning experience, uniquely generated for each student. This sets us aside from the likes of Khan Academy, Udacity, Coursera, etc.

And we haven’t even mentioned our students collaboration support and faculty joint authorship options. And did we mention that curious.IO is open to any teacher, tutor, instructor, guide or couch, whether part of an institute or independant?

How is curious.IO simple?

Built by a team with years of experience in user-interface design (UI) and user-experience design (UX), and blazing a trail in the rising field of learner-experience design (LX), curious.IO sophistication was designed to get out of the way and its power to be invisible. Utilizing the latest advancements in front-end development, and appreciating the value of time and focus, we were able to simplify and streamline both course creation and course consumption without compromising all the good stuff we have on offer.

For example, signing up for curious.IO takes 25 seconds flat (we’re still working on getting that down to 24). And this is with a poor connection, mind you.

Not simple enough? Soon schools will be able to “teleport” their entire digital presence and body of work to curious.IO within minutes.

Why not just teach in the classroom, and do things the old school way?

We’re all for old school. In-person learning, and the social physical environment of a classroom, provide incredible value to students. However, blended learning that’s augmented by the right technology, has been proven to be an invaluable resource for modern schooling. As to many other professions, the right technology is not only a time-saving, efficiency-maximizing tool to teaching, but a leap forward in what teachers are capable of. From “just-in-time assessment” to individually tailored curriculums, from data-driven insights into learning materials to “always on” virtual assistance, learning management systems help teachers become better by allowing them to concentrate on what’s important.

They are also great cost cutters, using up less paper, accessing free educational resources, and requiring fewer employment hours - faculty meetings become shorter, grading is automated, classes support higher enrollment, etc.

Where, why and how do students use a learning management system?

Students can use an LMS such as curious.IO at home, on their commute, or anywhere with internet access, and any time it is convenient for them to do so - early in the morning or straight after class, between other activities or as a scheduled task...

They would use it to improve their learning. Free to learn at their own pace and receiving continuous feedback, having always-available help and consuming media-rich materials, students benefit from a flexible and impactful experience that’s designed to not only boost their grades and adjust to their needs but also motivate them and deepen their gains.

curious.IO is simple and easy to use, guiding students through every step of the way while still allowing them to explore unhindered by classic classroom limitations. All they need to do is log in from whichever device they choose and curious.IO takes care of everything else.

How do you ensure students engagement, such as preventing them from skipping to the end of the course?

That’s one of the ways in which curious.IO is so special. With intelligent assessment techniques, such as in-line questions redirected from a relevant subtopic, the courses cannot be “hacked”.

How do students start taking my course?

They sign up to curious.IO (which takes only a few seconds) and search for a classroom or course to join.

As a teacher, you can also send invitations linking directly to your course.

I’m an independent teacher. What does curious.IO offer me?

Firstly, creating a course on curious.IO is quick and guided process that anyone can easily complete (our system does the heavy lifting - you just submit your materials). Once you have created a course, or even a complete classroom, you can take advantage of our billing framework to charge anyone - from anywhere in the world - who takes it.

Join Now for Free

How can a school start using curious.IO?

All you need to do is join (it’s free).

Institutes joining curious.IO at this stage receive our concierge services to personally guide and assist them in using the system. Once you join, we will get in touch to receive from you all the relevant information and materials (in any format) so that we can build your courses for you.

Of course, you don’t have to wait for us and can go ahead with creating courses as soon as you join.

What does a course look like on curious.IO?

We currently support a range of content types, such as text, images, videos and downloadable files, and a variety of testing modules, such as MCQs, SAQs and even essay submissions. Please see our demo courses to get a better sense of how it all ties together.

New content types and testing options are added all the time as we develop and expand what can be included in curious.IO courses.

How can I contact you?

We always encourage reaching out to us with feedback, suggestions, critique, or even the occasional "hello"! You can reach us via email, facebook, twitter, or even give us a ring.

New content types and testing options are added all the time as we develop and expand what can be included in curious.IO courses.

How can I get involved?

If you're an educator or school administrator, we highly recommend signing up and reaching out to us about what we can do to improve your experience. We're always excited to work with passionate educators in making learning more seamless and data-driven.

You can express your views on education policy, edtech, or the current state of education on our blog, Esprimo. We think that teachers' opinion is vital to improving how the next generation accesses and conducts learning, and we'd like to make your voices heard. Send us an email and we'd love to set up an interview for Esprimo.